Fresh, Smooth & Natural Peanut Butter

Best for Bread spread, porridge and cooking of traditional food

Our Mission

"The world is craving for the most nutritious, delicious and affordable peanut butter product." ... our mission is to fulfill that craving.

Our products is Sourced from small scale farmers

  • Who are are carefully selected, trained on best practices of cultivation and post harvest handling.
  • Peanuts are sorted, batched and tested for aflatoxins and other food contaminations.
  • Finished products are tested and certified by Kenya bureau of Standards.
  • Our products contain no preservatives and artificial flavours.

Our Product

Full spoon's first and main product is peanut butter under the brand name Tamuu Nut which is a registered trade mark and has KEBS S-Mark approval.

Tamuu Nut is targeted to give a tasty and healthy alternative to hydrogenated margarine products by offering a healthy natural product for consumption as a bread spread, an additive to porridge, or African vegetables, stews and condiments as well as a snack or confectionery. Tamuu Nut offers a sustainable alternative at a price point that is within the discretionary incomes of the bottom of the pyramid.

Tamuu Nut has four product ranges namely;
  • 800 grams jar
  • 250 grams jar
  • 50 grams tabs
  • 40 grams sachets
40 grams
50 grams Tabs
This is specifically packaged for sale in university and college hostel tuck shops. It ensures multiple use by single individuals due to the hygienic lid.
800 & 250 grams Jar
This in categorized as the friends and family product range. This packaging was thought of after numerous enquiries from friends of employees and the entrepreneurs who kept asking for a taste of the Tamuu Nut peanut butter.

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