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Full spoon is an agro/food processing company that was formally set up in April 2016. This was after the proprietors were involve in a USAID-KAVES consultancy assignment in Western and South Rift regions of Kenya and saw first-hand the challenges that farmers faced due to lack of market and exploitation by brokers who bought farm produce at the farm gate. The proprietors agreed to start with peanut as the value chain that they would start with as;

  • There was lack of access to domestic market for locally grown peanuts grown by women in Western Kenya.
  • There exists a large unmet demand for peanut butter and peanut-based products in the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) where there was a need for healthy, affordable, nutritious and hygienically packed product.

The women had no other source of income apart from peanuts that they were farming peanut in small kitchen garden and consumed as a snack, breakfast complement or processed into a paste as an additive in cooking of traditional leafy vegetables. Despite being able to produce excess of their domestic use, the women were unable to empower themselves due to lack of access to markets, exploitation by middlemen and poor yields resulting from low quality seed varieties and inefficient agricultural practices. These, the entrepreneurs saw as an opportunity to not only get a market for peanuts but to do value addition.

After market research, the entrepreneurs found out that on the peanut demand side, the Kenyan urban poor population consumes foods with inadequate amounts of micronutrients required for good health in both children and mothers. The same population also consumed foods high in cholesterol and trans-fats as a direct result of conditioning to consume margarine as bread spread for breakfast and as an additive to their porridge and foods. This was mainly due to unavailability of affordable alternatives and unavailable of such an option at the small scale retail outlets.

The desire to fulfill these two needs in a commercially sustainable manner to led to the formation of FULL SPOON LIMITED. The company was formally registered in April 2016 and the commercial production and sales of the first sachet packed peanut butter product which is the main product, began in January 2017.

Full Spoon Limited was set up with the following key objectives;
  • To do value addition to Kenyan agricultural produce that was going into waste due to poor utilization and uptake for processing.
  • To empower farmers and especially women and their kitchen gardens by creating income streams for their product befitting of their effort.
  • To provide safe, clean, healthy, affordable products packaged for the base of the pyramid market.
  • To provide employment to the youth who would be involved in the downstream sales distribution and channels.

Women empowerment

Full Spoon Limited mainly sources peanuts from local women's groups from Teso District in Busia County, Kenya

Getting quality and quantity supply of peanut from the women's groups remains a challenge since peanut is grown as a kitchen garden product. As a policy, Full Spoon is working and seeking partnerships towards increasing the capacity and product knowledge of these women farmer groups for their produce to reach the expected quality and quantity. Full Spoon has 70% of its sales force in the BOP market comprising of women.


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