Our Vision

To be a world class agro processing company.

Our Mission

To create sustainable livelihoods for farmers and offer quality and nutritious food products to the base of the pyramid markets.

Our Purpose

To contribute to the development of small scale farmers in Kenya and supply the market with affordable, nutritious and hygienic products.

2000 Farmers

Full Spoon is directly working with over 200 women farmers in Teso North, Teso South and Bungoma West sub-counties in Western Kenya. This has enabled numerous households improve their domestic income as well as creating employment.

Full Spoon intends to increase the number of peanut grower farmers to 2000 by 2022 to ensure we source only the best peanuts grown in Kenyan.

Peanut purchasing program

Since 2017, Full Spoon has purchased and processed more than 15 tonnes of peanuts annually from farmers in Western Kenya with the rest being bought from the open market which are largely imported. With the company’s increased processing capacity and product demand following the upgrading of our production equipment, we desire to work with many more peanut growing farmers from Western and Nyanza region as well as increase the average yield per farmer.

Healthy peanut butter for use as;
  • A bread spread
  • An additive to porridge
  • Condiment for African vegetables, stews
  • As a snack or confectionery


In western Kenya, peanuts are traditionally grown exclusively by women as a subsistence crop yet women don’t own land. Through our purchase agreements with the women, we are able to pay a fair price subsequently improving domestic household incomes in disadvantaged rural communities. Women are now able to move from using kitchen gardens for subsistence farming to cash crop farming.


Peanut butter is one of the most common sought after processed product, due to its high nutritional value. A serving of peanuts or peanut butter provides many of the essential vitamins and minerals that humans need each day, including Vitamin E, Niacin, Magnesium, Copper, Folate, Manganese, and Phosphorus. It also contains high amounts of proteins and healthy fat.

Product Range

Full spoon’s first and main product is peanut butter under the brand name Tamuu Nut which is a registered trade mark and has KEBS S-Mark approval.

Tamuu Nut is targeted to give a tasty and healthy alternative to hydrogenated margarine products by offering a healthy natural product for consumption as;

  • A bread spread
  • An additive to porridge
  • Condiment for African vegetables, stews
  • As a snack or confectionery

Tamuu Nut offers a sustainable alternative at a price point that is within the discretionary incomes of the bottom of the pyramid. Tamuu Nut has four product ranges namely;

  • 800 grams jar
  • 250 grams jar
  • 50 grams tabs
  • 40 grams sachets


Our distribution model by-passes the conventional distributors and wholesalers. Full spoon builds local distribution networks with women and youth in rural areas and informal urban settlements thereby giving higher profit margins to the retail outlets and creating direct employment at the local base of the pyramid market.

Why the peanut value chain?

Upon research, the founders got two opportunities in the peanut value chain and thus chose to invest in the peanut processing.

The first opportunity came from the plight of women farmers in Western Kenya who were struggling in poverty after being taken advantage off by brokers who bought peanuts at very low prices at farm gate. As Full Spoon, we strive to engage farmers especially women farmers to increasingly expand their peanut cultivation by giving a fair price for their produce that greatly impacts on their domestic incomes thus contributing to poverty eradication.

The second opportunity was the nutritional gap found within the base of the pyramid market where kenya’s urban poor population who consume foods with inadequate amounts of macronutrients required for good health in both children and mothers. By processing and hygienically packaging peanut butter into an affordable sachet size, Full Spoon would be able to bridge this gap especially for babies and lactating mothers leading to a healthier population as they would use peanut butter in their porridge, traditional vegetable stews, as a bread spread or it it as a snack.

Base of the Pyramid

Our products are conveniently packaged and priced to address nutritional deficiencies in the base of the pyramid market mainly in the disadvantaged urban and rural communities. Our products are readily available at retail shops in the urban slum areas and rural trading centres. Children especially love our peanut butter since it is a delicious, nutritious, ready to eat snack and fills immediately.


Full Spoon limited has a sizeable team that fluctuates in number especially in the production and sales departments depending on market demands and sales promotion activities. The team is led by the two founders Lincoln Mbogo and Oliver Obwana who direct the organization’s day to day activities.

Oliver Obwana
Lincoln Mbogo

Our Partners

Actualizing the founder’s dream to date has been a journey. The Full Spoon team is proud to be associated with our esteemed partners listed below;

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